HE Garchen Rinpoche – Creation and Completion Part 2: Completion stage and the Dying Process – 01/16/2010 – Gaitherburg, MD

(Continued from Part 1: Creation stage)

H.E. Garchen RinpocheThere are many explanations, but in brief, the purpose of the completion stage is to purify the propensities of the death stage. We said before, creation stage purifies propensities of birth. Everything will come to dissolution in the end, in one single person, if they understand the nature of the entire universe and sentient beings. First it was created, but in the end, it will disintegrate. It lacks inherit nature from it’s own side.

External universe- the 5 elements. They will dissolve, one into another.
Sentient beings- their bodies will dissolve, one into the other, and then to complete destruction.
Resolve into each other.

Padme sangye said,  “When a yogi dies, he doesn’t really die. He will embrace death.” One has accomplished deathlessness of mind, an elixir that will remain. Mind has become nature of 5 wisdoms., and one will attain form like rainbow body.

In the end, one will attain vajra body- appearance and emptiness union.

If one realizes the true nature of mind, there is no arising and cessation. Is like a rainbow that transcends birth and death. For us ordinary beings, we attach to phenomena, and at base don’t know this, and will have suffering.

Will have 3 appearances.

All those with strong self-grasping – have some merit, so may have some happiness in this life – wife, kids, happiness.

Why did I experience this? Frution of morals ethics, generosity, patience.

If one attaches to this world, one will be attached to this lifetime; will lose ones’ mental independence. One realizes this through bodhichitta. Realize body of flesh blood bones will dissolve.

The propensities of our karma will emerge as suffering – thirst, etc.

Some Sentient beings dissolve into rocks, into earth. Whatever one’s mind is attached to at that moment will dispel into that.

To get free of that, must Realize they are free from existence.

In lama chopa, we create universe and sentient beings, and recognize they are pure in nature, after visualize refuge tree, then bodhichitta that melts self-grasping like ice, then everything dissolves. Retinue into principle deity, the deity into emptiness.

Like elements dissolving into elements one by one at death.
Earth to water, water to fire, fire to wind, wind to consciousness.
Then one will faint and lose mindfulness. Red and white paths will merge.

This is why it is necessary to practice completion stage. Purifying the death propensities relates directly to death process too.

Relating Falling Asleep to Death

To prepare, is very beneficial to relate to dream state, Falling asleep relates to death. Recognizing dream state is like state after death. One may think the dream of last night was a dream, and this morning is real life. One thinks one lives a life span, entertains thoughts of past, and plans for the future, and thinks the universe and firm and will always remain. This is a delusion.
The appearances may appear for a few years, but they don’t’ exist on their own from their own side. We must resolve that this lifetime is like a dream.

Before we got this Precious Human Birth, we were a consciousness with self-grasping mind and 4 aggregates. One has lost body, but still has feeling, formation, perception, and consciousness. No one will be able to see it, but one will feel suffering in this astral body. Due to actions we have committed, we will enter womb in 6 realms.

From birth till death is like a dream of a single night. The lifetime from birth to childhood, aging, death – this entire lifespan is a dream we have dreamed. After we die, we will wake up. The dream will be over in the bardo state. A consciousness seeking a body.

In beginning, is important to resolve this life is like a dream. If you believe it is real, this establishes samsara. Must contemplate the universe will come to destruction.

The consciousness will still create another universe. This creation is related to the creation state.

In Reality, the self light of the arising of one’s own mind. This mind is like a dream.
Dream state and completion state relate to each other.
When we practice completion state, we must know how to practice it.
Like when you have a mirror, and breathe on a mirror, it becomes foggy, you can’t see anything, then watch it slowly, and it will clear up on it’s own. (laughs)

One must first understand that this entire creation will not remain. Then, visualize universe and Sentient beings – deities, principle deity – ex. Lama chopa- one thing dissolves into another – universe into sentient beings, sentient beings into retinue, retinue into main deity, main deity into one’s heart.

If yab-yum, the female dissolves into the male, and then the Buddha from top and bottom to the HUM in the heart. Remain in the HUM for a little while, then dissolve from the bottom up to the little ball on the top, then rest in that, and then the little ball dissolves into the nada strain – eventually into space and disappears.

When thoughts are completely severed, remain in that state for however long as you can, – if you can’t, reprise as deity in an instant – before thoughts have intervened. This will gradually purify ordinary propensities.

The daytime experiences relate to birth, nighttime relate to death process.
When you go to sleep at night, slowly fall asleep, as the dream arises.
The white path and red path, and other visions.

If one has light sleep, one may apprehend dream state. In an instant recognize them. When dream stops, we faint. Like everything dissolving into the HUM syllable. If one has habituated completion stage, the clear knowing awareness must arise, must recognize dream state, and recognize when the dream stops.

A practitioner will not faint into having no sensations. Clear awareness – a mind without bias. Is the clear light. Clear mindfulness. Relates to the death process. At time of death, when thoughts will have ceased. One comes to Buddha nature itself, mahamudra. If one doesn’t recognize, will fall into sleep, won’t see luminosity.

Very helpful to practice OM AH HUM before sleep, and when you wake up, that instant, it is idea to merge awareness with view. Or, if not able to, to merge awareness with deity. If one can do this, is 100% certain one will attain samboghakaya in bardo. Otherwise, when mind ejects, is like clear sky, may see the nature of mind, if one has habituated mahamudra, will attain enlightenment into dharmakaya after all thoughts have ceased.

These are the powers of completion stage.

It is more difficult to recognize the clear light of deep sleep. But ideally, on awakening, if one can merge mind with the view, then one will attain enlightenment in first bardo.

If thoughts arise, then one must remember, “I must remember the yidam deity”. Will attain enlightenment in bardo state. If you can’t do that, give rise to bodhichitta “may I be of benefit to sentient beings”. Will get:

  • In the 1st bardo, will recognize clear light and attain dharmakaya.
  • In the 2nd bardo, will recognize deity and attain samboghakaya enlightenment.
  • In the 3rd, will attain nirmanakaya and come back to become a guru in this world.

The Importance of OM AH HUM practice

One must always practice the OM AH HUM recitation. Physically, prayer wheel is very good. If you habituate OM AH HUM, you will remember it in your dreams. Then you may remember the deity, which is very good. OM AH HUM contains all the Buddhas speech. Every deity mantra contains OM AH HUM in some way. In a single deity, all other deities are contained. They may appear in different forms, but all are same.

So, tashi dalek, I apologize for mistakes, and apologize to Khenchen Rinpoche for mistakes. (laughs)


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