Khenchen Konchog Gyaltshen Rinpoche – the Drigung Kagyu Fivefold Path of Mahamudra – Part 3: Guru yoga practice – TMC May 2012

“The Secret place” –  at your heart- Of your yidam body- Chenrizig, Tara, Chakasamvara, Hevajra, the same as before. Then meditate on the holy lama –

Vajradhara. Who is Vajradhara? In the nature of the Nonduality of the body, speech and mind of Buddhas of past, present, future.  Vajradhara – or like Lord Jitgon Sumgon, or like Milarepa. In your heart, light radiating- your mind is in that nature.  If one abides in the state of the Nonduality of the holy lamas and ones’ own mind, purifies all obstacles.

With confidence and devotion – “Vajradhara or Lord Jitgon Sumgon is at my heart – the nature of all the Buddhas of the 3 times.” Meditate on that.

“Will arise all qualities and happiness”- this is guru yoga.  Guru yoga here is the Buddha – unite the guru with your mind.  Not guru ‘worship’. Not attachment, way to unite your mind with delusion mind – always feel you are inferior. Suffer helplessly.

Our delusions have many layers- one after another- in one way, looks simple – “just empty”. In practical life, so many layers to purify see reality nature in self.  In first place, so fortunate to have opportunity. ‘Visualize Vajradhara or Lord Jitgon Sumgon in your heart is skillful method- this is enlightened mind- who perfected excellent qualities? That one and my mind are inseparable. That is what is called tantra practice.   Our Buddha nature- intrinsic- inseparable from emptiness, that which is all excellent qualities, hidden under adventitious obscurations.  We are unveiling through guru yoga. See it directly. No arrogance. No jealousy. No attachment, nothing but enlightened state. See that, rejoice. “I am so fortunate”.  Hevajra tantra states:

“Co-emergent wisdom” – this is mahamudra.

Can’t be found anywhere- valley to valley, city to city, country to country-

Except through full confidence in the guru in your heart- it represents all the Buddhas. Have full confidence, devotion, and collection of all merits- need strong accumulation of merit. When study Jewel Ornament of Liberation – wisdom- accumulation of merit and wisdom- side by side- both are necessary. One alone not enough. Examples- dry, big gathering of fuel to make a fire- fire will burn big and long. If fuel is small, it won’t’ burn big, won’t last long. Likewise, good collection of merit needed. Then, one’s understanding of wisdom, then one can capture enlightenment very easily.

“If the lama who introduces one to the self-arising…” – if you have a living teacher who introduces you to the self-arising – all the mental activity manifest within you- no separation from emptiness, enlightened result.

“Bestow blessings on one’s mindstream…” the great teacher – that great teacher is on one side, and all the Buddhas on the other, he would outweigh them.”  Your teacher has more value. I am not saying that your teacher is more educated than Buddha. But you have more benefit from this teacher than the other Buddhas. You don’t have inner fortune to see all the Buddhas, only (have) the fortune to see that Buddha in from of you. This in the nature of all the Buddhas.  If one always meditates on the guru in the center of one’s mind – Vajradhara/Lord Jitgon Sumgon in your heart- it represents all Buddhas of the three  times, and all the great masters you have seen and met.

Supplicate him unceasingly- feeling of yearning- all attention taken to that-

“All the qualities will fully arise.” – Like contents of one vase poured into another, all the excellent qualities will arise in us. This is guru yoga.  Sometime Tibetan Buddhism is called “Lamaism.” {Monastery called “lamastary}”(laughs). It is a misunderstanding. We need a good teacher to introduce us to this, and then we need to have individual abilities to understand,and  then courage to digest this practice.

Great atikopa practice-

“Guru possesses kindness-

The tantra teachings.

“Whoever meditates on him…” – You read life story of Milarepa- because his power of meditation practice determination, compassion, just reading his life story, our eyes well up with tears, and devotion, yearning arises. To receive his blessings. Why it is good to read vajra songs of those great teachers. For example, Lord Jitgon Sumgon- enlightened translation vajra song- one day, he and 13 disciples went behind the monastery – a serendipitous day- pleasant, clear weather flowers around. So he sat on ground, and asked “today, display all the miracles you can.” They all did but one. Then that one died.  And the caretaker took his body to the cemetery, but the body wouldn’t decay.  He saw his mental state. He went to the cemetery, and sang ‘the song clarifying the recollection’ – sing the song out of great, wisdom, compassion. Get great chance- tears into eyes. What great skill that teacher has.

Read the vajra songs of great teachers, and reflect on them. Their wisdom, their skills. We are barely surviving in the world. But those great teachers…so everything consciously, knowingly, without mistake. All sentient beings lead to liberation. All the delusions of the individuals get complete opportunity to disperse through meeting them. 1000s of disciples meant they all receive benefit.

In this case, guru yoga. Not just some simple thing.

Malajaya tantra-

Not too close, not too far, yet always inseparable…

The palace of one’s heart.

Milarepa’s song to Gampopa- “sometimes, you will miss your lama; sometimes bring him to your heart. Sometimes to crown of head.”

I say these things, sometimes we try to make it concrete.  Have to have understanding the Vajradhara/Lord Jitgon Sumgon are nature of wisdom, compassion. Nothing substantial. Not concrete. We release all the boundaries. Make you mind nature of space. Everything is one, one is in everything, realize that, meditate.

‘One may exert effort…” – Holding the lama as ordinary, one plants seed of confusion. Not because of a problem with guru, it’s with your mental obscuration. (Your confusion) doesn’t allow to receive the enlightened being . The unenlightened mind cannot capture enlightened qualities. Look at this teaching. Great teachers in Kagyu lineage- Milarepa. Gampopa, Lord Jitgon Sumgon-

Vivid relaxation- fully purified of all obscurations. Fully manifested. Take them as our root teacher definitely get benefit, blessing. Take them as root teacher, place in heart and develop strong devotion.

Look at samsara- all is suffering, delusion, one after another. No matter what you do. Today, maybe successful, next finished. At end of the day, is nothing to show in samsara. Not any confidence. Look at this! Practice this feeling of fortunately, joy, confidence- get out of our laziness, attachment. Then at time of death appreciate, and rejoice.

“No matter how much exertion one makes…” – We can’t get excellent qualities without pure vision. If we see enlightened beings as ordinary, our mind is ordinary. (But if we) See them as enlightened; we have opportunity to become enlightened.

Guhyasamaja tantra-

Someone says this, he said this, etc. but without experience in meditation, one can’t cross samsara. When you supplicate outer guru, receive all the blessing, then your inner guru manifests. Your inner mind becomes your own guru. To see your inner guru as guru, you need outer guru. it Is interdependent.

When you look at our teachers- even ordinary school teacher-good teachers of science, social studies, math- with a good teacher, the students will get much benefit. When the teacher doesn’t have much, students wont’ learn.  The teacher teaches sincerely. But the student sincerely needs to want to learn too. It is Interdependence. Same here. We learn how to unite enlightened beings with wisdom mind – not guru worship, but skillful method. Thus, Milarepa said to Gampopa at time of his departure- go to central Tibet and meditate without leaving cushion – you will achieve enlightenment – that day, you will see me as Buddha, not as this ordinary green skeleton man. Your inner mental state is reflected in outside.

“If one thinks the Buddhas of the past…” – if you think the past Buddhas are gone, and future Buddhas haven’t’ come yet, and there is no Buddha here and now.  But all the Buddhas of the 3 times confer blessings on the lama’s mind, and he in turn blesses your mind stream.

So, one should meditate on the guru ….

So, when Milarepa was in mountain- no separation from Marpa. All the time physical location different. When Milarepa laments, Marpa comes in a dream, or in a vision – inseperable.

This is tantra practice. The yidam deity and guru yoga practice

Then comes mahamudra practice.


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