Khandro Rinpoche 2012 annual retreat –Pith Vajrayana instructions of Jamgon Kongtrol Lodro Thaye – 9/2/12

These are the post-meditation practice and instructions of Jamgon Kongtrol Lodro Thaye.

In enhancing commitment, aspirations in engaging in Vajrayana – you are now entering the Vajrayana with good aspirations. Just so they are not disturbed by habitual patterns, recognize these essential instructions.

Pith instructions
  1. Always keep in mind that the practice of dharma does not necessary mean only sitting. Vajrayana must learn to never distinguish daily life from practice. Sitting in meditation is easy, even with all the difficulties.  (But) Living life by viewing life from Vajrayana perspective is very important. You must make decisions as a practitioner, generating opinions as a practitioner of Vajrayana. When you think and experience, learn to take the flavor of that thinking and experience as a practitioner.  That is one who has …from impermanence, from emptiness, from bodhichitta.
  2.  A Vajrayana practitioner must never be fickle, frivolous.
  3. A Vajrayana practitioner must never brood.
  4.  A Vajrayana practitioner doesn’t have the luxury of allowing mood swings. Must never be an exhibitionist, where you exhibit moods, and allow it to drag other people into your mood.

Keep these 15 aspirations in mind:

If you must think something or say something, keep yourself busy with these:

  1. May I accomplish the dharma.
  2. May I constantly generate revulsion, may the heart of sadness permeate my mind.  But this is another way of saying revulsion.
  3. May all my worthless agendas be curtailed.
  4. May I always be mindful of karma.
  5. May I bring to heart certainty of death.
  6. May my path be free from obstacles. Here- means influence of negative habits.
  7. May I always exert on the path of truth.
  8. May I always know to take unfortunate circumstances to the path of dharma.
  9. May I realize and apply the appropriate antidote.
  10. May devotion always arise in me.
  11. May I glimpse the natural state.
  12. May I always uproot confusion.
  13. May I awaken clear insight.
  14. May I achieve Buddhahood in this very lifetime.
  15. May I always deal effectively with the 3 essential approaches- these are called abandoning, transforming, and knowing.

Jamgon Kongtrol Lodro Thaye says “whatever arises in post-meditation practice, deal effectively- if negative, abandon it- instead, transform to positive quality- and never dwell in the struggles of abandoning, on praise of transformation- and never dwell in it- simply look at the nature of what had been cultivated.”

These 15 are essential. In the calling the lama from afar prayer, this is also in there.  When supplicating to the guru…But more that to supplicate these are the adorning qualities that a precious human birth can be.

Dharma practice is very easy.  It actually all comes down to one’s motivation, one’s attitude. If is conceptual, self-grasping, everything you are arising as is samsara.  When it is free, it is easy.


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