Khenchen Konchog Gyaltshen Rinpoche – the Drigung Kagyu Fivefold Path of Mahamudra – Part 4: Mahamudra – TMC May 2012

(Part 4) 

‘Should we touch on mahamudra? We are very advanced now.” (laughter)

“Thus one’s own Body, speech and mind and methods of the guru become inseparable.“ Your mind and the mind of enlightened beings are inseparable.  This is how to unite your confused mind and enlightened mind. So all confusions are dispelled.

All phenomena and samsara and nirvana are ones’ own mind.

Look at hell realm – when our mind is overpowered with anger, hatred, resentment – that itself IS the hell realm. No outside hell realm. Now, when you recognize ‘these are sources of suffering’ and dispel, replaced by love and compassion, see everything is just manifestation – that mind is enlightened mind. All our own mind. The mind is very complex. When we study, practice dharma- is how to train the mind. Outside are Buddhas and bodhisattvas as an example of those who successfully practiced. Could transform confusion into wisdom.  What we protect ourselves with Buddhas, bodhisattvas, yidams. Progress step-by-step, our mind becomes bodhisattvas mind. Purify more; our mind is the Buddha’s mind.  Inseparable. Samsara are state of mind, nirvana is state of mind. Usually, talk about those things- Jewel Ornament of Liberation wisdom section – clearly described.  Mind is changing, outside is changing. Today, suppose my mind is very angry, upset, and then I see a person is a source of problem. All the negativities. Then study dharma, how to change mind, and get opportunity to change mind, then see that person is suffering so much- has ,lots of delusions, suffering – practice love and compassion- instead of seeing as full of negativities, see them as subject of compassion. Then, possibility to see nature of that person as yidam. Obscured by obscurations. In reality, they are nature of yidam. Changing my mind, change ourselves. That is dharma practice

“Mind is primordially unborn, like the center of sky.”  – Unborn – reality nature is uncreated unproduced- is as it is.  Like the sky – you can’t make the sky bigger smaller, different shape – likewise, mind is like center of sky- perfect- meditate on this.  Is my nature.

Within that, the mind abides without conceptual thought. This is teaching us how to relax.  We should be at home, at our own home – not lost from. Uncontrived, unfabricated. “Good, bad’ subject of aversion – all fabricated. Just need to rest in it’s nature.

When one experiences the certainty of mind…

That is mahamudra. ‘Not exists primordially – our mind has so much grasping, to release that must fixation, relax. Otherwise, doesn’t exist or not exist.


Mind free from all the boundaries- right or wrong, good or bad – non-conceptualities.  Is the nature of the mahamudra.

“Don’t expect any result.” Doesn’t mean won’t see it, means nothing to expect from outside. What you have, that IS the mahamudra so just relax there.

No emptiness outside your mind, nothing to project outside as emptiness.  Inside, is nothing to meditate on as emptiness.

Not any shape. Not any Color- white, black, red- all these things- are the reality. Buddhas haven’t seen nature of mind.  Means something to see, to grasp. Not saying Buddhas hasn’t seen nature of mind, saying there is nothing to see!

Guhyasmamja tantra says:

Free from- not exist, not non-exist-

Skandhas, ayatanas,

Release your mind. Abide as it is. The equality of selfless phenomena.  Primordially unborn mind.

Is nature of mahamudra. No self to grasp.  Is selfless ness of person, self-less ness of phenomena.  Very profound, difficult to comprehend for ordinary mind. Our mind is so entangled with duality. That which is entangled in duality state – just to abide in non-duality is very difficult. This that, right wrong.

Conceptual mind should be free from…free from “I’m a meditator, I’m meditating.”

Abiding effortlessly. Shouldn’t’ have some mental effort “I should have good meditation!” need to know how to rest mind, relax.


If one does not…

Sentient beings are of that nature is the nature of all sentient beings.

If one understands everything is dharmata –

Beautiful, isn’t it? ‘Non-meditation meditating?” “Non-meditating meditation.”  It is very delicate. – have to have skillful way to maintain mind, relax.  Saying all the delusions, mental afflictions have no place, no space to be, no space to have attachment, aversion, grasping. That is called freedom.  What makes samsara is that there are afflictions.  As we have studied, they are the real enemy for our peace and happiness. Mental delusions bring sufferings for all sentient beings. Gives us that suffering. Restless from mental afflictions and counterproductive emotions. Creator of suffering, samsara. This is the optimal remedy for that, to uproot all those delusions. The delusions are contrived. Are fabricated. Because of fabrication, suffering comes.  Not talking about some magic- this is reality. Need to relax mind. Many degrees of mediation. If one understands all is dharmata, all pervading unfabricated nature, that is non-meditating meditation. “Simply abiding, way to get used to it, and get inseparable from that,

But without practicing won’t get benefit. Need to practice to get benefit. Remind, one after another. That is what is – dharma is so precious- can’t be replaced by anything else in the world.

The expectation “this is meditation” or fear “this is not meditation.” Or mind abiding in the thought…

All the thoughts come, abiding in thought ‘I have received profound teaching!” I have met great teacher, received profound teaching – doesn’t help – we are attached to that.

Abide in uncontrived mind…

Mindfulness is most important. Mindfulness- abiding in the continuity of that state. No separate called “mindfulness. Bring in separate, is duality.  Just maintaining that state itself, abiding itself, is called mindfulness.

Way to unite one taste, non-duality…

Phagpa Daka Yeshe sutra-

That is my mind that is mahamudra, the Buddha, the guru. feel confidence joy, devotion. If you don’t have devotion, sense of feeling fortunate, appreciation.

Between sessions, seal with dedications…

This is the mahamudra.


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