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Lopön Andre Papantonio and Rita Gross-12 Nidanas Review-8/27/11 8:30 PM

Lopon Andre: This is a chance to get all your questions out there, all your concerns and confusions. The only things we offer are repeating the words of our perfect teacher.

Khandro Rinpoche likes us to always start any session with motivation. This is not to gain intellectual knowledge, but to transform our lives, and devote our body, speech and mind to serve all sentient beings. And remember the lineage going back through H.H. Mindrolling Trinchen Rinpoche, Terdak Lingpa, Padmasambhava, Buddha, and all the kindness.

The attitude and conduct is most important. The willingness to train yourself in path of practice doesn’t matter if old or new students, it’s all about training yourself. When you go back home, people should see a change in conduct and kindness.” – Khandro Rinpoche

Lopon Rita: In 35 years of hearing teachings, this was the first time I’ve heard a Tibetan teacher teach from a Pali text. This is wonderful. I can’t emphasize how important these foundations are. I think people get to vajrayana too fast, and it becomes like balancing on a point, and coming back to them year after year. They are vast in their profoundness. I am so grateful. (editor’s note: Ditto.)

She’s emphasized at this retreat so far the 12 nidanas and interdependence, which is the foundation of everything else. Next week will be the Four Immeasurables, which caps the foundations. These were presented with great depth. She built a bridge with Theravadan. Continue reading


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H.E. Mindrolling Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche – Conclusion of first section of 2011 Annual Retreat

Khandro Rinpoche – Entering the Mahayana: 6th Teaching – Conclusion of first section of 2011 Annual Retreat– 8/28/11 – 9:30 AM

HE Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche - audio teachingSo you had discussion groups yesterday. How was it? Nothing about feelings and connections, I hope. (laughs)

To student: Summarize what we have been talking about.

A:  Some things seem prominent – 4 noble truths. And the basis of them is suffering.

Q: What is suffering?

Suffering must also be reflected upon. When you think about suffering there are all varieties of adverse circumstances, birth, old age, sickness and death, NOT attaining happiness. The whole life-long search for a situation free of suffering is itself a cause of suffering. The pursuit of every action to achieve happiness has immense possibilities for suffering. There are diverse experiences of suffering, which also has potential for future arising of adversities, which is suffering.

Fundamentally 3 things are the causes of suffering.

1)     Whenever we do not see the causes that are rampantly creating, particularly from the seed of Afflictions, to be suffering, we are suffering.  This is not knowing the abject causes of suffering in pursuit of happiness.

2)     Not knowing and not being able to accept suffering. That is the law of nature.

3)     Not knowing the selflessness of phenomena and self is also suffering.

So when we say ignorance is the cause of suffering, it is ignorance of not knowing suffering, change, power of afflictions and the causes that it creates to cause suffering. Continue reading

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