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Khenchen Konchog Gyaltshen Rinpoche – Jewel Ornament of Liberation – Chapter 11: Training in Action bodhichitta

One takes the vow of action bodhichitta, and train in the three types of moral conduct, or three moral trainings. These are moral ethics of abstaining from non-virtues, [engaging in] ethics of accumulating wisdom, and [engaging in] ethics of benefiting sentient beings.

“Generosity, moral ethics, and patience are the trainings in superior morality. Meditative concentration is the training in superior thought. Discriminating wisdom awareness is the training in superior wisdom. Perseverance is the support for all three.”

You need joyous effort. This is how the six paramitas work with the three trainings. The three trainings are the impeccable, indispensable, consummate path to enlightenment.

When you meditate here, relax. You need the conducts. [When you are] physically here, and mentally have a mind absent of afflictive emotions, this is called moral conduct.  That makes a foundation for concentration. Then your mind is in the place you are.  When mind is not disturbed by capricious thoughts, there is clarity. Where there is clarity, there is a great chance to see special insight. If there is the absence of one, there is no chance to recapture the reality nature. Continue reading


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