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Lodro Rinzler 11-11-14, Shambhala Meditation Center of Washington, D.C. “The Buddha Walks Into The Office”

It is wonderful to be here. I love this space (DC Shambhala).  I taught meditation to Congressman TLodro Rinzler with "The Buddha walks into the office"im Ryan and his staff earlier.   Like being in the belly of the beast. Its’ such an interesting city- a distinct flavor – what people do here. I have a friend named Adam Smiley Poswolsky who wrote book called the Quarter-Life Breakthrough. He had a decent government job, and kept getting asked “what do you do?” He got tired of it and ran off to become a writer. I think I just gave away the ending of his book. (laughter)

Even in NYC, people ask, “where are you from? What train do you take?” but then start talking about work.

I was here for the tour for my first book, and went and got drinks with people afterwards.  After writing a book called The Buddha walks into a bar…, people wanted to go to a bar with me a lot. (laughter) But when we got to the bar, everyone wanted to talk about work. Continue reading


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