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HE Garchen Rinpoche – Jan 7, 2007 – Tibetan Meditation Center, Frederick, MD A Song of Milarepa: The story of Yogini Nyama Paldarbum

Nyama asked, “Previously, you depended on a teacher and have practiced, so what arose in your mind?”

Milarepa replied and explained, “Its’ ground basis abides like space, and it is boundless as the sky without center or boundaries. When one is looking at mind, one is practicing, one sees the root of all practice is to realize the two types of bodhicitta.”

We have to see our mind like water that has become dirty. We need to clean that water. As long as we grasp and have concepts, it will be murky water. The mind of the Buddha is like clean water. The mind of the sentient beings is like murky water. Clear water shares the same nature as muddy water. The nature of mind is like space, it is all pervasive, the nature of the mind where all concepts have been liberated is empty and clean like space. This is what needs to be realized in practice. Continue reading


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